Day 1: Understand the product. 
On the first day, the challenge of that sprint was explored through "lightning talks," analytics, and competitive analysis. The team listened, asked questions, and took notes this day. We looked at analytics, drop off rates, trial conversion, and click-through rates to understand how users were interacting with our apps. Additionally, we explored the competitive landscape to see how others were attracting and keeping subscribers. 

Day 2: Diverge.
Once the goals of the sprint were fully understood, the team took it a step further by organizing their thoughts and ideas. This consisted of "how might we" exercises, identifying types of users, and mapping user journeys. We explored ways we could attract and retain subscribers, and looked at features we could improve within our app. We also explored new features we could offer subscribers, such as recommendations or quick ways to get back to watching content.​​​​​​​

Day 3: Sketch.
On Day 3, the team worked through a series of timed sketches, going from very loose to more polished. After each session, sketches were pinned on the wall and voted on. The best ideas made it through to each round. The goal of Day 3 is to end with three sketches that can be developed into working prototypes. We looked primarily at navigation, list, and discoverability solutions.

Day 4: Prototype.
Designers worked to quickly prototype three different design solutions that were voted on. This was done using Sketch, Principle, and/or Invision. Scripts were also worked on with a Facilitator, in preparation for user testing. As the sprints went on, we went from low to high fidelity prototypes.

Day 5: Test.
On the final day of the sprint, we tested three solutions with a group of users. In order to avoid influencing the users, those who worked on the sprint watched the tests via video from a private room. A facilitator would ask each user basic background questions, walk them through the app, and take notes on which experience they preferred and why. The next week, we presented our findings to key stakeholders. Based on the input from the team, stakeholders, and users, we gained valuable insight on how we should move forward with our service.

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